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Ta Gat – Indoor disabled-accessible toilet

Photos illustrate existing outdoor toilet of a recent request to provide an indoor disabled-accessible toilet for two adult disabled children of a single mother living in a rural location in Ta Gat district Lamphun Province.

The mother has a retarded daughter who is unable to speak who also has mobility limitations. Her son is partly paralyzed from a motorcycle accident and his mobility is also limited.

Our challenge, as in 4 other recently donated accessible indoor disabled toilets ,was to find a donor to cover the cost of materials. Local officials and neighbors agreed to provide the labor.

Traditionally rural Thai houses use outhouses and squat toilets. Most houses are also elevated off the ground up to a height of about 7 feet. Climbing up and down rickety wooden steps to access a distant outhouse without lights is not an easy challenge.

This donation of materials costing $400 dramatically helped change the life of this whole small family.

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