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piranan-singjaiPiranan Singjai –  Foundation President, Manager and Founder

Piranan Singjai-Willcox   Although Piranan is vision impaired resulting from a traumatic head injury earlier in her life, she is today the hands-on heartbeat of the Foundation’s future.  As a former nurse assistant and therapist, she has taken the leadership of the Foundation’s wheelchair program, its disabled home visit program, and she remains the crucial link with the Thai government and with all the Foundation’s Rotary and disabled Thai partners.

Because of her own disability, Piranan is a hands-on authority on the challenges confronting Thai disabled persons. As the saying goes:  “She has done that, been there, and owns the tee-shirt”.

Donald Willcox –  Co-founder  – Died July 25, 2018 but not forgotten!


“Don” Willcox permanently moved to Thailand in 1990 after spending 8 years as the Founder/Coordinator of the U.S. based 501-C-3 “Hands In Outreach” educational sponsorship program providing educational scholarships for Tibetan and Nepali children from low-income families.  “Don” moved his focus to Thailand during the years of Nepali Maoist political turmoil which eventually sparked abandoning the Nepal monarchy.    Although “Don” was born in the United States, he spent much of his childhood in Thunder Bay Ontario.  As an adult, he has lived more than half his lifetime outside the United States including many years as a Scandinavian design and craft author.  Earlier in his life he was a lecturer in Australia, a guest teacher in several U.S. art and craft schools, and operated a personalized tour business.

“Don” is the recipient of Thailand’s Volunteer Of The Year” award and when living in the United States, he received supportive achievement grants from both the U.S. “National Endowment For The Arts” and the North Carolina Arts Council.  In Finland, his book on Finnish design received the 1974 National Book award.   Over a productive lifetime, he has authored more than 30 books including 8 volumes of self-help information for disabled persons.

Today, he does what he does as a personal expression of gratitude for having lived an eventful, challenging, and long life.  He has always worked as an unpaid foundation volunteer.

chay at freedom wheelchairsChetnipit Chaiprasert, nickname is “Chay”

Chetnipit Chaiprasert (Chay) is today an invaluable member of the foundation’s volunteer outreach team throughout the huge province of Lamphun Thailand.

Chay and her husband operate a small family business “Narasak Motors”, but Chay is also passionate in her commitment to assist those in need.

She assists by identifying Lamphun disabled persons in need, helps with home visits and wheelchair deliveries, participates in our reading glasses clinics, is a major source of energy unloading arriving wheelchair containers, helps organize long distance transport, often accompanies us on hospital visits and Chay and her family continually
donate herbal medicine and household items to those we serve.


Khun A at freedon wheelchairs

Khun “A” who has been working part time with the Foundation for several years.”A” assists with wheelchair assembly and repair, he is a multi-skilled repairman, and he is an adopted and much loved member of our family.




Dr. Robert Chen – Medical Advisor

Robert's photoDr. Robert Chen is himself a polio survivor and has been our trusted and generous medical advisor for many years. Dr. Robert was born in Indonesia, practiced medicine in British Columbia for many years, and currently lives in Kuala Lumphur Malaysia with his wife Evelyn.





Tom & Beverly Westheimer

tom bev wedding-001Tom and Beverly Westheimer spend part of their lives in New Hampshire, USA and part of their lives in Chiang Mai. They are active supportersof Kids Ark Foundation. Tom is responsible for our Foundation website and for smoothing out and correcting our computer short comings. They are active Rotarians both in Thailand and in the USA, and generously fill our Foundation’s Information Technology needs .




Piranan’s mother who is a huge help in many ways.
Thai Staff Mom who cares for the garden

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