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History of the Project: (ข้อมูลโครงการ)  The Foundation no longer provides wheelchairs 

The Foundation operated Freedom Wheelchair Workshop located in rural Doi Saket near Chiang Mai.

We import, assemble and deliver donated wheelchairs from abroad. We no longer produce our own chairs, but we still repair a broad variety of mobility aids in our well equipped workshop.

We receive requests from individuals, their families, their friends, neighbors and local administrative offices, asking us to provide assistance to provide mobility.

We do not distribute wheelchairs without first checking the recipients circumstances.  Our simple motto remains: “No see – No get”!

Our Foundation representative must see and verify the recipient of every wheelchair we provide and despite some requests for groups of recipients made by local administrative offices, requiring us to visit the homes of each of that groups request, we ensure we are going to deliver to a needy person.

After initial visits to the intended recipients, we then proceed with arranging delivery logistics of the wheelchair(s) and this we demand also include an official reception and formal handover ceremony by the people who initiated the request with the recipient to validate ownership and responsibilities.

handover1Each donated wheelchair is accompanied by a free Thai language Wheelchair User Manual and by our promise to repair or replace everything we donate.

Currently our wheelchair inventory include a variety of styles, including:

  • wonderful chairs for children that include hand knitted afghans and stuffed animals
  • 2 types of adult wheelchairs complete with safety belts, tire pumps and tools
  • silicone filled 3 wheel hand crank child-sized and adult carts

Another vital part of our workshop outreach involves evaluation, training, and providing health information.


Most wheelchairs we are able to deliver are donated and therefore “free” to our foundation.

The end user (the disabled person) receives the wheelchair at no cost.

The foundation pays for overseas and domestic transportation expenses, port costs and both assembly and delivery costs.

Would you like to help our foundation with the cost of delivering wheelchairs?

We also offer a useful booklet:

“How to make low cost PVC crutches, walkers & wheelchairs”

Bi-lingual Thai & English with detailed diagrams.

Download Booklet
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