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Piranan and Don provide support for disabled people in Thailand

Dear Supporters and Friends,

As many of you know Don died on July 25 2018 at age 86.  Don was an inspiration to everyone who knew him. He touched so many people in positive and empowering ways all over the world (US, Scandinavia, Nepal and Thailand).  For the last 15 years Don and his wife Piranan have helped 1000s of disabled Thais have a better life throughout northern Thailand.

Piranan with the assistance of Honey, their daughter, and other supporters is carrying on his mission through   The Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons

You can always get news at our website or on Facebook pages.  

Thank you for your love and support.   

If you have any questions or concern please let us know:

Thai Language:  Piranan Willcox – Director

English Questions etc:  Use the Contact Us page and we will get back to you. If you want a call please include your phone number

Based in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, they have operated The Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons (FEPDP) since 1993.

Today the foundation focuses on the actual delivery of wheelchairs to recipients throughout Thailand, ensuring that recipients receive their wheelchair and ensuring suppliers provide the materials to make this happen.

The term “middle man” may be assumed to describe this role but unlike so many scenarios around the world, where we see the middle man diluting the promised benefit of aid,  FEPDP actually bring added value to the provision of aid, by ensuring the aid is delivered to the target without wasting funds, diluting aid and therefore optimizing the delivery of the aid.

As can be read from Our History, trying to satisfy a wide range of services for disabled people in Thailand, increased the financial overheads of the foundation and reduced the overall effectiveness of it’s aims.

Prioritizing the work of the foundation, to focus on delivering wheelchairs to recipients, has enabled FEPDP to become more effective and therefore recognizable by Thai and worldwide audiences as an ideal model of practice for delivering aid.

Because Don & Piranan have established an enormous wealth of knowledge to effectively assist people with various disabilities, they are able to channel information to appropriate contacts in Thailand and around the world to provide as much assistance as possible to people living with disabilities.

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